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Home STI Kits - Video

All of our Home STI Test Kits contain a booklet on how to take your test and a check-list to guide you through returning your samples.

Many people still struggle to get enough blood out when they test at home, so the below videos provide information and advice on how to prepare for taking your test and the steps we recommend you take (on a day when you’re not at work), to ensure you have sufficient time to hydrate-up and complete the collection of your samples.

Kits ordered through our websites have a pre-printed request form, whilst those collected from our Market Street Health Centre Clinic need to be completed in writing, when you return your kit.

It is extremely important that the request form is included when you return your kit and that your samples are labelled.

For additional support, or if you should have any items missing from your kit, please contact us on 0208 305 5005