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You can get a test at any of your local sexual health services (please click on our 'Walk in Services' tab). The test involves a small blood sample which will be taken by a doctor, nurse or health professional. This sample is then sent to a laboratory to be tested. Alternatively you can have a blood-spot test which involves a pin prick to your finger.

Remember, the clinician will always ensure that you fully understand what is involved in the test and provide you with any answers to questions you may have.


Once it has been confirmed that you have HIV a specialist will discuss with you the best ways of care. There is no cure for HIV however there are drugs known as Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) or combined therapy that help reduce the level of HIV in the blood.

There have been big advances in treatment and it is now possible to take one or two pills a day. It is important to remember that many people taking treatment for HIV live a long and healthy life like anyone else but it is important that it is diagnosed early to get the right specialist care and support as soon as possible.

Do you have Symptoms?

If you have symptoms you should get yourself tested to avoid infection developing and from transferring it to someone else.

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